Pubdate: Mon, 21 Feb 2011
Source: Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)
Copyright: 2011 The Copenhagen Post


Problem Of Ineffective Treatment Programmes Solved By Moving 
Counseling Into Schools

Cannabis abusers are finding it increasingly difficult to get help, 
say addiction specialists throughout the country. However, a 
successful pilot project has shown significant results by moving 
treatment programmes into the schools.

The pilot project involved 18 cannabis smokers at four vocational 
schools in Copenhagen, 15 of which used the drug several times a day.

Today the project is completed and only one of the students still 
smokes several times a day. Eight have dropped it completely, while 
the rest are down to a low or moderate consumption.

"Cannabis is the biggest abuse problem among young Danes and a major 
cause of the high drop-out-rates at the country's youth education 
programmes," Unna Madsen of the City Council's addiction centre, 
U-turn, told Politiken newspaper.
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