Pubdate: Fri, 11 Feb 2011
Source: Telegraph, The (Nashua, NH)
Copyright: 2011 Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: Sarah Levesque


The New Hampshire Legislature is once again trying to help patients 
get access to medical marijuana with HB 442, which is scheduled for a 
hearing before the Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee 
on March 10.

Marijuana has been proven to safely and effectively alleviate side 
affects of cancer-fighting medicines. It has been proven to be a safe 
and effective treatment in many ailments, including  but definitely 
not limited to  cancer, AIDS, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, anxiety, 
depression, alcohol addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple 
sclerosis and muscle spasms.

It is cruel to deny any person a safe and effective means of treating 
an ailment, and it is beyond words to make them criminals to do so. 
It is a huge waste of our time, energy, resources and especially tax 
dollars to arrest, prosecute and penalize sick people.

I urge you all to have a heart and contact your legislators. Tell 
them to vote yes on HB 442.

Sarah Levesque

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