Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jan 2011
Source: Martinsburg Journal (WV)
Copyright: 2011 Martinsburg Journal
Author: Eddie Jordan


Fifteen states and the District of Columbia allow marijuana usage in 
one form or another. Why is West Virginia so far behind?

West Virginia has a reputation of being a bunch of fat, laid-back 
hicks in the eyes of the nation. Everyone has heard at least one West 
Virginia joke. I, personally, do not see the humor in ridiculing the 
state I love and grew up in. Though we are one of the economically 
deprived, do we need to hear it repeatedly in the media or at parties?

Growing up in West Virginia I smoked my share of marijuana and drank 
my fill of moonshine, but that was 50 years ago! One would think, by 
now West Virginia would try to play catch up with the trend that is 
sweeping our nation, reduce prison population for non-violent 
offences and legalize a drug that has grown wild since the creation 
of the earth!

The only thing stopping "legalization" is the fear instilled by the 
media through the Manson years. Yet, it was not marijuana those 
children were smoking that caused the vicious attacks on those 
innocent people. It was a much harder drug that we called LSD. Today 
we never hear anyone say, "I stole this, or assaulted them for money 
to buy pot." Marijuana is a laid-back drug and once inhaled causes 
one to get sleepy, or hungry. You see every day where someone is 
stopped for DWI along some highway, but we never see where people are 
charged with smoking marijuana while driving. The average pot head 
wants to be left alone and just enjoy the life they have without fear 
that some law prohibit what they will do anyhow.

Millions, perhaps billions of people smoke marijuana in the secrecy 
of their homes. Bill Clinton didn't inhale. Yeah, right. Election 
time is coming up fast. Budget cuts, people losing their jobs, it 
never ends. Legalizing this simple drug would create much-needed tax 
revenue and put a lot of people back to work. What is more important? 
Your jobs or the pothead that never hurt anyone? It's time to get out 
of the stone ages and move ahead West Virginia. Ask the next 
candidate whether or not they smoked pot in their younger years. Oh 
yeah, they all lie anyhow.

Eddie Jordan, Fulks Run:
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