Pubdate: Thu, 06 Jan 2011
Source: Oceanside Star (BC)
Copyright: 2011 Oceanside Star
Author: Ralph Givens



Re. 'Pot affects motivation, memory' (Dec. 30).

Deborah Joyce's arguments for amotivation, memory loss, gateway 
effect, impaired executive functions and contaminated pot would be 
more convincing if she offered some scientific proof to support her theories.

Her accusations are far from being accepted by science and medicine 
because there are dozens of peer-reviewed studies opposing her reefer 
madness notions and no proof whatsoever that she is correct.

Her unsupported marijuana claims have been repeated so many times 
that many folks may believe they are gospel truth, but in fact all of 
the negatives claimed for cannabis lack proof.

Legalization will enable regulation of marijuana which will eliminate 
underage users and remove tainted pot (which is rare) from the 
marketplace the same way liquor laws protect the public from toxic 
alcohol and underage drinking.

In 5,000 years of recorded history there is not one credible case of 
marijuana causing a death through toxicity.

Ralph Givens, Daly City, CA
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