Pubdate: Fri, 03 Dec 2010
Source: Keene Sentinel (NH)
Copyright: 2010 Bob Cummings
Author: Bob Cummings


In support of Darryl Beymer:

A great teacher is a precious asset.

I don't know Darrel Beymer personally, and I've only recently become a 
resident of Keene. I've read the story, and I can only say this: Please do 
not persecute this man for growing marijuana for his personal use.

We all know that marijuana has been widely accepted for medicinal uses. In 
fact, it is legal in many states and the personal use of pot poses no 
threat to anybody.

Would you persecute former President Bill Clinton or President Obama, both 
of whom have admitted to the personal use of marijuana?

Many commonly prescribed prescription drugs are far more harmful than pot. 
Without a doubt, alcohol abuse is far more damaging than recreational or 
"medicinal" use of marijuana.

The personal or medicinal use of marijuana is not a threat to anybody, and 
it would be a huge tragedy to lose a great teacher because somebody wants a 
witch hunt - for what I do not know.

Let's get real here, 80 percent of Baby Boomers have smoked pot at some 
point. Is that any worse than drinking a scotch or a vodka martini?

Chronic substance abuse, be it alcohol or other drugs, is an epidemic that 
we are unfortunately challenged with as a society.

Judge this man on the merits and talents of his teaching - not on if he 
grew pot for his personal use.

The fact is, great teachers are one of the most precious assets we have. We 
really cannot afford to lose one.


[address redacted]

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