Pubdate: Fri, 03 Dec 2010
Source: East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Copyright: 2010 Dale Whiting
Author: Dale Whiting


Recently another 20 or so citizens from one town in our neighboring
nation to the south, Mexico, were gunned down in drug/cartel action.
Hopefully none were innocent bystanders. And all we in Arizona seem to
care about is SB 1070.

Whether one is a supply side or a demand side economist, a
hard-hearted militarist or a liberal soft-hearted humanitarian, all
must agree that something effective needs to be done about drug and
weapons traffic. We need to stimulate our economy, but surely not like
this! But what can be done? SB 1070 steers clear of addressing the
real problems.

Gov. Brewer, can't you come up with something more direct, more to the
point of the problem, than putting your signature to a law that most
certainly will prove to be unconstitutional? Every honest
attorney/politician who has spoken to this issue is frustrated that as
a consuming public, we Arizonans have elected you for doing nothing
more profound than signing a dubious piece of legislation into law.

And now we hear that Russell Pearce, its architect, will be leading
the Senate! Heaven help us all! What is next? Pearce wants to redo the
14th Amendment. That does nothing to help the problem.

Dale Whiting, Chandler  
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