Pubdate: Wed, 01 Dec 2010
Source: Keene Sentinel (NH)
Copyright: 2010 Keene Publishing Corporation.
Author: Zachary Howland


Marijuana is safer than alcohol. Let that little bit set in, and then
let's open up discussion.

Note: You may want to open a web browser to check these facts for 
yourself if you are reluctant to take my word.

Alcohol claims 35,000 lives a year.


Mary Jane is not a killer and has never claimed a single life. Ever.
In history.

If that minute tidbit isn't enough to wrangle up some support, than
how about this:

Alcohol abuse (which frequently occurs on college campuses across the
nation), significantly raises the rate of assault, property damage and
general disorderly conduct.

Marijuana, simply does not. Don't believe me? Google it, or better,
ask a member of NORML, SAFER, or many other marijuana associated groups.

They'll also inform you of the balloon effect that alcohol has on our
nation. At the present time, even with medical marijuana legal in some
states, our governments are squeezing hard on one side of the balloon,
that being the consumption of marijuana.

If you squeeze one end, the air must be displaced elsewhere, and as we
have seen, alcohol has been the choice drug of most people.

If you let off your grip on this end, surely there will be those who
will choose legal marijuana over alcohol.

The reason? Marijuana is safer, is it non-addicting, and has even
lessened the suffering of patients with severe disorders and diseases
in some cases.

The fact that marijuana is still illegal, to me, is a great flounder
by a still very much immature nation.

My age has no factor in my reasoning. My education has

Why is it illegal? I am asking an open question, and I hope to receive
some responses. Marijuana is safer than alcohol, and that alone should
press some of you to reconsider your anti-marijuana stance.


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