Pubdate: Tue, 30 Nov 2010
Source: Anderson Valley Post (CA)
Copyright: 2010 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: George L. Winship


Schaefer, Webster bid adieu; receive resolutions

Emboldened by a 61 percent 'No' vote by Shasta County voters squarely
against Measure 19, that if passed statewide would have allowed the
recreational use of marijuana in California by persons 21 and older,
Anderson's City Council appeared ready Tuesday, Nov. 16, to call for a
resolution that would ban outright any cultivation of medical
marijuana within city limits.

The decision, reached by consensus rather than any formal action, was
announced by Mayor Norma Comnick following public testimony from at
least eight members of the public who spoke against those growing
marijuana for medical reasons.

"We do thank you for showing up. We invite you all to come back on
December 7 because it will be on the agenda," Comnick said after
taking nearly 30 minutes of public comment on the topic.

Butch Schaefer, one of two long-time council members who will cycle
off of the council at the Dec. 7 meeting, elaborated on Comnick's comment.

"We care. We did hear you. I would like to do a total ban on medical
marijuana, but we will likely be sitting in the courts if we do so. It
will take a lot of courage to oppose the others," said Schaefer, who
is completing his 16th year on the council.

During a break for refreshments honoring Schaefer and fellow council
member Keith Webster for their many years of combined service to the
city, Webster said the Dec. 7 meeting may need to be held in the
Community Room if proponents on both sides of the marijuana
cultivation issue decide to attend.

Webster lost his bid for re-election to a third four-year term. He was
appointed to the council Dec. 17, 1991, and served until April 1994.
In November 2002, he was elected to the council and was re-elected in

City Clerk Juanita Barnett said Friday, Nov. 19, that no such
ordinance is scheduled for consideration at the next council meeting,
simply an update on legislation from a consultant hired to keep an eye
on relevant developments.
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