Pubdate: Fri, 26 Nov 2010
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
Copyright: 2010 Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Russell Barth
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor


Re: Sparking debate, Nov. 23.

The comments from MP Shelley Glover the other day in regards to
marijuana are disgusting and obscene. As a federally licensed medical
marijuana User, I find your party's attitude towards marijuana users
insane, mean-spirited, and counterproductive. I would like to thank
you, however, for bringing this issue into broad public discussion.
The more people read and discuss the facts, the quicker they will see
what a bunch of twisted, ideological, punishment-fetishists you Tories
really are.

Marijuana users don't have their lives ruined unless they get
arrested. I use over four grams of pot every day as part of my medical
treatment, and our health has only improved. I suggest you resign. In
fact, I insist, because I consider your comments about marijuana users
to be discrimination, and your conduct in the House to be out of line.
Once again a Tory lowers the level of discourse in this country. For
shame, madam. For shame.

Russell Barth

Dude you're confused. She wasn't talking about medical marijuana.
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