Pubdate: Fri, 26 Nov 2010
Source: Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Record Searchlight
Author: Jay Bergstrom


Regarding "Practice Makes Safety: 20 Agencies Coordinate for Mock
Shasta Dam Attack" on Nov. 18 by Dylan Darling:

First off, I am totally in favor of those responsible for our public
safety being a highly trained cadre of professionals. To have an
anti-terrorism drill at Shasta Dam is a good thing.

But the premise of this drill was just plain offensive to a large
group of folks. It would appear that we of the cannabis community are
seen as fair game. Much like the Office of National Drug Control
Policy media campaign of a couple years ago - where a kid smoking a
joint was presented as supporting terrorism.

Then again, maybe the scenario is not all that far-fetched. There
exists major animus toward the government from the "criminal"
cannabis-consuming community.

For our tastes, most all of us have suffered in some manner at some
point. Least of which is the corrosive effects on our patriotism. The
government that wants to see me in a cage needs my support. It is
taken by me as a fundamental signal as to how poorly our governance is
performing for the people. Cannabis farmers Jefferson and Washington
are no doubt rolling in their crypts.

Moreover, we have been the focus of an unrelenting hate campaign for
decades, with this characterization as the "Red Cell" being the latest

The Red Cell was victorious in 1996 with Proposition 215, came close
with Proposition 19, and will be back in 2012, fighting the good fight
for truth, justice and the American way.

For the next Red Cell event, could we have them demanding good horses,
and the exercise ending with a bandit chase?
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