Pubdate: Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Source: Times-Standard (Eureka, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Times-Standard
Author: Sky Adams


As someone who has long questioned the wisdom in maintaining the 
illegal status of hemp and marijuana, I find myself in the odd 
position of thanking, with utmost sincerity, California's voters for 
causing Proposition 19's failure.

Why legalize, yet limit? What's gained from only allowing any one 
person 25 square feet to grow? I understand regulating commercial 
growers for tax purposes, but private growers? More importantly, 
industrial hemp falls under these same guidelines. The fibers, seeds, 
and oils from hemp can be used for nutritional supplements, clothing, 
plastics, building materials, and even automobile fuel. We can save 
more of our forest, build cheaper, more efficient homes, revitalize 
the agricultural industry, and completely eliminate our dependence on oil.

Another major flaw in the bill was the imposition of a minimum legal 
age. Not only that, but they chose the completely arbitrary age of 
21. The drinking age is only 21 because of lobbyists (thanks for 
nothing MADD) claiming it would lower drunk driving. I'm 19; will 
someone please explain to why it's fine for me to be shot while 
defending a piece of parchment written by the dead racist power elite 
(who by the way grew and smoked hemp), but hitting a joint with my 
friends poses some kind of health risk? I defy anyone to explain how 
my mental state would be worse off from marijuana than PTSD.

So try, try again. Let's just tax the commercial uses, and otherwise 
legalize it completely. Age is not a responsibility meter.

Sky Adams

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