Pubdate: Tue, 9 Nov 2010
Source: Merced Sun-Star (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Merced Sun-Star
Author: Stan White


Editor: I strongly disagree with the Sun-Star's editorial, "Mellow 
out on legalized pot for awhile" (Oct. 5, 2010), claiming Proposition 
19 did not pass because citizens wanted to avoid "confrontation with 
federal authorities."

More likely, Prop. 19 failed because it was an off-year election, 
which typically brings fewer younger voters out. There was much news 
claiming it also was not worded well, which had cannabis (marijuana) 
supporters voting against it.

Many other reasons for Prop. 19's failure have been discussed but 
there's one that doesn't get mention which could have made a big 
difference. Educating farm counties about opening the door to hemp 
farming was a missed opportunity.

If citizens may legally grow cannabis with THC, then it stands to 
reason free American farmers may grow hemp without THC. Chinese 
farmers and Canadian farmers grow hemp, and it's time to reintroduce 
hemp as a component of American agriculture. Until then, American 
farmers are unable to fairly compete in the free world market.

It is not time to mellow out on legalized pot for awhile, it's time 
to work harder at ending the devil law known as cannabis prohibition.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo. 
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