Pubdate: Sat, 30 Oct 2010
Source: Marin Independent Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Marin Independent Journal
Author: Lynnette Shaw
Note: Lynnette Shaw heads the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax.
Cited: Proposition 19
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I WISH TO COMMENT on the silly things people are claiming about 
Proposition 19, the measure to legalize pot for those over 21.

First, Proposition 19 is in addition to Proposition 215 and SB 420 
laws. It does not take away any of our unlimited medical cannabis 
rights whatsoever.

It allows someone over age 21 to grow a 25-square-foot area of 
marijuana and carry an ounce of pot for personal use. It allows 
employers to screen their employees, but does not allow jobs to be 
lost simply due to a positive drug test for pot, unless that person 
is involved in a driving job or handles heavy machinery.

It is utter nonsense and fear-mongering that a school bus driver 
could be legally stoned when driving under Proposition 19.

Just as the end of alcohol prohibition ended the career of Al Capone 
and his ilk, so will the regulation of cannabis end the grip of the 
cartels upon our society.

Our park lands will no longer be a target for illegal pot growers 
when everyone can grow a closet full at home.

It will drop the price of pot so that the black market disappears.

If someone gives an underage kid alcohol, that person gets in big 
trouble. The same thing will happen if someone gives a kid pot.

The punishment is exactly the same, legally, under Proposition 19. 
Unless that young person is suffering through chemotherapy, for 
example, and has a doctor's recommendation.

In the Netherlands, where there are cannabis coffee shops on every 
corner, the teenage use of marijuana is less than half of our 
American teen use.

Illegal drug dealers never check IDs, and have harder drugs to push. 
We will remove pot from the grips of the thugs, and place it into 
regulated outlets instead.

Proposition 19 gives cities and counties the option to license 
marijuana as friendly businesses -- or not.

Either way, every adult will have the right to grow and possess some 
cannabis. I believe that the areas that license cannabis outlets will 
see an enormous jump in their sales tax income. There will be less 
alcohol-driven violence. There will be less hard drug addicts, since 
pot helps them by substituting cannabis to calm the brain receptors 
addicted to harder drugs.

The new law does not allow driving under the influence if there is 
evidence of impairment.

Proposition 19 will save hundreds of millions of dollars in legal 
costs paid by our tax dollars. It will free up our police to 
investigate serious crimes.

Legal growing jobs will pay well, have benefits, be safe and 
stress-free with no helicopters to run from. We will all have better 
schools and health care for our families.

We will be able to provide thousands of union jobs statewide, with 
benefits, for expert growers, budtenders, and trimmers who will not 
have to work illegally anymore.

I am working with a farmworkers union leader to make sure that job 
creation occurs, lifting our non-violent and nice people out of jails 
and the terrible underground, into the light of a new day.

Our state will save hundreds of millions in tax dollars, generate 
thousands of jobs, receive billions in revenue, increase safety, 
protect youth and reduce violence.
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