Pubdate: Wed, 27 Oct 2010
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2010 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Gary Storck


Thanks to the Dane County Board's July 15 vote to place a medical
marijuana advisory referendum on general election ballots, county
voters will have a historic opportunity on Nov. 2 to express their
support for protecting Wisconsin patients who can benefit from
therapeutic cannabis.

Voters will find the following question on the reverse side of
ballots: "Should the Wisconsin Legislature enact legislation allowing
residents with debilitating medical conditions to acquire and possess
marijuana for medical purposes if supported by their physician?"

The County Board's vote to put this issue to referendum is evidence
that legal access to medical cannabis enjoys broad support in
Wisconsin. Please vote "yes" on the referendum and stick up for our
state's veterans, seniors, sick, disabled and dying who need medical

Yes votes will send a strong message that medical cannabis can no
longer be an afterthought or a political football, but must be a
leading bipartisan priority when our new governor and state
Legislature take office.

Gary Storck, Is My Medicine Legal YET?, Madison
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