Pubdate: Wed, 27 Oct 2010
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald (Hilo, HI)
Copyright: 2010 Andrea Tischler
Author: Andrea Tischler


It's shocking and unjust that ordained minister Roger Christie is to remain
locked up and refused bail for the fourth time (Tribune-Herald, Oct. 24).
The judge said he is a "danger to the community."

What an odd comment when there are murderers, sex offenders and
habitual drunken drivers who kill people and are offered bail. Roger
never hurt a soul.

He is a man of God. His compassion and aloha for all people, sick
people and practitioners runs as deep as his love for the island.

Christie is being denied the basic constitutional right of due process
(right to bail) which impairs his ability to prepare an effective
defense. Add denial of his First Amendment rights, which guarantee
religious freedom, and it is clear he is a political prisoner. And we
thought that was something which only happens in totalitarian countries.

There is an expression "that is the best government in which an injury
to one is the concern of all."

Despite your connection with Christie or how you feel about the
religious use of cannabis, if we don't all speak our outrage now and
come together in solidarity as sovereign island people, who will they
come for next?

The federal government has already spent millions to investigate,
arrest and confine him. Millions more will be wasted before Christie
and the other 13 defendants ("The Green Fourteen") are found innocent.
To what better good could that money have been put to? Sad it's
happening on Obama's watch.

Visit Christie's defense fund at

Andrea Tischler

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