Pubdate: Thu, 21 Oct 2010
Source: Arcata Eye (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Arcata Eye
Author: Mary Scott


Why should you vote No on Prop 19, the proposition that states it
will legalize marijuana? The bill is so much more than that. If

Employers, and this includes schools, will no longer be able to
"screen job applicants for marijuana use; regulate any employee
conduct related to the use, transportation or cultivation of marijuana
unless the employers can prove job impairment. This could be
particularly troublesome with school bus drivers.

It will prevent employers from meeting federal drug-free workplace

Marijuana use will not be regulated in the same way as alcohol or
other drugs. It is granted a separate status making it more difficult
to prove than being under the influence of any other drug or alcohol.

It creates a civil right for marijuana in the workplace.

There is no limitation of private growing of marijuana abutting up to
a school site. School administrators would have a very difficult time
monitoring this easy access to the drug.

Proposition 19 is opposed by a diverse group of leaders and
organizations including both Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, Barbara
Boxer and Carly Fiorina, Senator Diane Feinstein, The Association of
California School Administrators, The California Chamber of Commerce,
California Police Chiefs Association, California League of Cities and
numerous others.

Whatever your opinion on the merits of legalizing marijuana, this is
NOT the way to do it. PLEASE.. VOTE NO ON PROP 19!


Mary Scott

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