Pubdate: Thu, 14 Oct 2010
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2010 Stan White
Author: Stan White


("Oakland goes to pot," The Highroad, Oct. 7.) Hopefully, it isn't
just Oakland going to pot, but rather the entire state of California
with all of North America following them.

Californian citizens have an opportunity to vote yes on Proposition 19
this Nov. 2, effectively ending cannabis (marijuana) prohibition and

California was the first state to prohibit cannabis and could be the
first state to re-legalize it, too.

Another reason to completely re-legalize the God-given plant that
doesn't get mentioned is that it could open the door to allowing
American farmers to grow hemp. If citizens may grow cannabis with THC,
it's reasonable to believe American farmers may grow hemp without THC.
Communist Chinese farmers are allowed to grow hemp, but free American
farmers are not, and that is unfair for American farmers who must
compete in the world market.

Hemp farming could eliminate the need for foreign oil, uses far less
water and pesticides than other crops and grows faster, requires
factories and factory workers that cannot be imported to foreign
countries, employs farmers, generates taxes and incomes, etc.

It's time to re-introduce hemp as a component of American

Stan White/Dillon
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