Pubdate: Thu, 07 Oct 2010
Source: Stoney Creek News (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Tim Romyn
Author: Tim Romyn


The bill which is being proposed by Stephen Harper and his
Conservatives, Bill S-10, is a ridiculous proposition. This bill is an
amendment to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act on the premise
that Bill S-10 will target organized crime.

Prohibition is failing. Canadian marijuana smokers are still
increasing every year, and since it is a highly demanded substance, it
is a hugely inflated commodity, which makes it so popular amongst
organized crime cartels. The issue is that this bill suggests minimum
sentencing for people growing as few as six marijuana plants.

In my opinion, the people who are self-sufficient marijuana smokers
are the victims. Smoking marijuana is often the only crime they ever
commit, and by growing their own product, they are refusing to support
organized crime and the violence that comes alongside it.

This amendment should be voted down as it targets victimless criminal
activities, will fail to decrease crime, and cost billions of dollars.

Tim Romyn,

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