Pubdate: Wed, 29 Sep 2010
Source: State Press, The (AZ Edu)
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Source: State Press, The (AZ Edu)
Author: Valentin Navarro


Arizona has been contemplating if marijuana should be legalized or
prohibited from society. According to the Cannabis Chronicle,
legalizing marijuana will save billions [of dollars] and generate
[considerable amounts of] money in tax revenue as well.

People will no longer have to pay taxes preventing the use of
marijuana, and the legalization will profit the government up to $1
billion. For example, the taxes gained from selling this drug can
provide extra money for hospitals, schools and debts.

Providing legalization to Prop 203 will give doctors access to
prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. Many patients who are
taking various prescriptions that may include side effects can easily
ignore that risk if marijuana was legal. For instance, research and
studies show that marijuana can treat up to 200 diseases and symptoms
in place of other medications.

Unlike alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs, marijuana is not a deadly
substance. In fact, marijuana does not even kill brain cells,
according to many studies failing to provide evidence.

Voting yes to Proposition 203 will not only save society billions of
dollars, but it will also save many lives.

Valentin Navarro

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