Pubdate: Thu, 16 Sep 2010
Source: Mission City Record (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 The Mission City Record
Author: Pamela Lang


Editor, The Record;

I recently read in The Record how members of the public challenged the
district's $5,000 public safety inspection fees.

I am writing this message to warn the public of the investigative
searches that are being conducted on private property in the name of
public safety, and the deceptive claims that are being used to do so.

I was foolish enough to allow a bylaw officer who assured me that at
no cost to me he would do an inspection of my electrical box to ensure
that it was up to code.

After he and an electrician examined the panel to find little or
nothing wrong with it, they proceeded to search my home for a gas
furnace, when I had already explained that the home had electric
heating. They disregarded me again, explaining there was no furnace
and searched outbuildings and even tore holes in the bottom of tied
household garbage bags.

Insinuating comments were made about tomatoes growing outside my front
door in pots, and about which buildings had power to them.

A room previously used as an industrial sewing room was claimed to
have been a grow-op room because of foil on a vent that was used to
remove glue and paint fumes, and a supposed marijuana leaf found on
the floor.

These inspections have become out of hand and I personally see them as
nothing more than an abuse of power and a money grab by the
municipality, and warn people to not let these inspections occur with
a warrant.

Pamela Lang,
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