Pubdate: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
Source: Daily Democrat (Woodland, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Daily Democrat
Author: Ralph Givens


Law enforcement hysteria about marijuana smoking drivers on the 
highway should have been laid to rest long ago. Every study and every 
survey of cannabis use and driving shows that stoned drivers are 
safer drivers than teetotalers. For one thing, pot smokers tend to 
drive slower and do not exhibit the aggression so common among normal 
drivers. Marijuana drivers tend to be more polite avoiding potential accidents.

The way you tell when pot smokers are too high to drive is simple. 
Test their coordination and their reaction times etc. Marijuana 
causes its maximum effect immediately, so if a driver passes a 
roadside sobriety test, there will be no delayed effects later as is 
possible with alcohol.

Police are trying to cause panic about marijuana and driving even 
though they cannot point to a single indicator that marijuana causes 
accidents. If this is a serious matter, where are the wrecks and 
where are the dead bodies with marijuana joints smoldering in their 
hands that we should be concerned about?

RALPH GIVENS, San Francisco
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