Pubdate: Mon, 30 Aug 2010
Source: Red Bluff Daily News (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Red Bluff Daily News
Author: Geoff Johnson


Tehama County staff members are expected Tuesday to recommend a 
one-year extension on a controversial medical marijuana dispensary 
and collective ban.

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to convene at 1:30 p.m. in its 
chambers, 727 Oak St., to consider renewing the ban, which would 
otherwise expire.

If the county approves the extension, it would be the last time it is 
allowed to do so. California law allows an interim ordinance to be 
extended twice without invoking a more complicated legal process 
associated with permanent zoning policies.

The ban was first implemented in 2009, days after Red Bluff Patient 
Collective opened on Antelope Boulevard, next to the Sheriff's Department.

Its owners closed up after a series of citations involving zoning 
violations and for violating the county ban.

Similar storefront-style collectives have opened up in Red Bluff and 
Corning but only Tehama Herbal Collective in Corning remains in 
operation and its owners are cited regularly.

A recent court ruling could prevent Tehama County from using 
marijuana's illegal federal status as justification for a permanent ban.

But the temporary ban cites a number of other concerns, including 
that the same case, the pending Qualified Patients v. City of 
Anaheim, has not yet resolved whether cities and counties have the 
right to implement a permanent ban.

The ban argues large medical marijuana growths and dispensaries are 
the targets of violent robberies.

Facilities which dispense marijuana have the potential to cause 
serious harmful citizens living, visiting, shopping, 
conducting business or otherwise present in the area, according to 
the ordinance.

The ordinance cites a violent burglary in Los Molinos targeting 
marijuana and a report attributed to the California Police Chief's Association.

Proponents have repeatedly argued these incidents are exaggerated and 
are similar to the problems pharmacies and banks face.
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