Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 2010
Source: Salt Lake City Weekly (UT)
Copyright: 2010 Roger Carrier
Author: Roger Carrier


During the 1920s, my uncles and grandfather had a profitable business
in Salt Lake City. They produced and sold bootleg whiskey. This family
business fell on hard times when prohibition was repealed. Now, fast
forward to 2010. Today, instead of Prohibition, we have the "Gang and
Drug Cartel Enabling Act," mislabeled as the "War on Drugs."

Give the gangs and cartels their greatest nightmare by legalizing
drugs in America. Establish state stores all across the country where
a person can register, sign a liability release, and purchase a week's
supply of most drugs for $5 to $10. Keep the anti-drug laws we now
have, but have fines of $300 to $5,000, rather than taxpayerfunded
jail time for illegal purchases.

The wing nuts on the right are going crazy over the mouse of
immigration and taking our attention away from this King Kong of a
problem. We are worried about whether or not Juan, who is picking
strawberries for us to eat, is a documented worker, but we're not
worried about John who is planning to break into our home and maybe
kill us to get the money he needs for OxyContin.

End this unwinnable war! Our present policy is creating disrespect for
the law and not stopping anyone from taking drugs. In the past 20
years, we have spent half a trillion dollars on this boondoggle!
That's $500,000,000,000! Just think of what good that money could have
done. And now illegal marijuana farms are destroying our forests.
Enough is enough!

Roger Carrier

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