Pubdate: Mon, 23 Aug 2010
Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)
Copyright: 2010 Sara Steiner
Author: Sara Steiner


Our counties are in disarray, and our state, which knows that 
cannabis is a medicine, is continuing to waste money on a war with a 
plant that has many proven medical benefits.

People are dying on our substandard roads, murders are going 
unsolved, ice and meth use has increased directly because of Green 
Harvest, yet our esteemed leaders continue this terrorizing of the 
citizens with war tactics.

I call on all campaigning politicians to really think about the truth 
of this matter. You all know that cannabis is a plant that makes 
people happy. It does not make them insane killers. It is a cure-all, 
food, fiber, fuel, medicine.

Why are you letting the pharmaceutical companies dictate your policy? 
Why do you not stand up to the federal government and tell them to go 
home? Why do we, the little people, have to do the work for you?

Sara Steiner

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