Pubdate: Tue, 03 Aug 2010
Source: Camp Verde Bugle, The (AZ)
Copyright: 2010 Lee Cali
Author: Lee Cali



In view of the many comments online in support of medical marijuana
contradicting the professional articles giving MATT Force and a DEA
Agent's negative opinion about medical marijuana, this is just in from
the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project).

The DEA has gone rogue. Despite clear evidence from the Department of
Justice directing them to do otherwise, agents are conducting raids of
homes and businesses where the occupants are acting in compliance with
state medical marijuana laws.

These agents are storming onto the property of law-abiding citizens
with guns drawn, destroying marijuana plants being grown for patients,
stealing computers and cash, and even trashing the place behind them
when they leave.

A recent raid in Mendocino County, Calif., targeted a woman who had
filed formal paperwork to grow medical marijuana, had paid a $1,050
application fee under the local ordinance, and whose operation had
been inspected and approved by the local sheriff. When informed about
this, the DEA agent in charge said, "I don't care what the Sheriff

It is only a matter of time before one of these raids ends tragically
with someone seriously injured or killed.

One person is responsible for all of this. Her name is Michele
Leonhart. She became the acting-administrator of the DEA under George
W. Bush and was shockingly nominated by President Obama to be the
permanent head of the agency. She clearly has no respect for authority
at the Department of Justice and is equally willing to use federal law
enforcement power to trample on states' rights. Furthermore she has
personally obstructed research into the therapeutic benefits of
marijuana by denying an application from the University of
Massachusetts to cultivate marijuana for research purposes.

If MATForce and its City Council supporters, along with Partnership
for a Drug Free America really wish to control the spread of drugs in
our community, they would be wise to admit the War on Drugs has been
woefully unsuccessful, and methods to forcefully eradicate them
similar to early 20th century prohibition on alcohol will not work. We
must respect the states that have tried to work out a feasible program
for alleviating the pain and depression from debilitating and terminal
illnesses that does not convict the victim and hopefully the
electorate will act with intelligence and compassion.

MPP and Drug Policy alliance are calling on President Obama to
withdraw the nomination of Michele Leonhart. If you agree, I urge you
to send an email, or call the White House
comment line at (202) 456-1111.

Lee Cali

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