Pubdate: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
Source: Guelph Mercury (CN ON)
Copyright: 2010 Dave Anderson
Author: Dave Anderson


Re: The Cannabis Club of Guelph had to suspend its public service to its
patients because of the police raids earlier this year.

My wife has fibromyalgia and for years her quality of life was not
very good at all. There was a point when she took my kids tobogganing
then she could not move for almost three days. She would have sensory
overload and not be able to listen to her children speak to her
without extreme pain. She could not use stairs more than a couple of
times a day and my kids and I pretty much lost our wife and mother for
years battling this disease.

The cannabis club gave me and my family a safe way to obtain the one
thing that gave us our matriarch back, and let my children enjoy the
wonderful mother that they had been blessed with.

Marijuana does not rip families apart like other drugs, including
alcohol, do. Now we find ourselves in a hard predicament. To have my
wife and the mother of my children in good mental and physical health,
I now need to go out and purchase the only medicine that works for my
wife from the streets.

Why have we been put in this situation? The club paid its taxes, was a
part of society and the community. It never tried to hide anything
from the police with an open-door policy and windows in front of their
building you can look right into.

I hope the court system can settle this justly and

Dave Anderson

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