Pubdate: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
Source: Kirkland Reporter (WA)
Copyright: 2010 Miles F. Holden
Author: Miles F. Holden


As I was working in my backyard rose bed the other day in north
Kirkland where I use banana peels as an organic fertilizer - no
kidding - and tobacco tea as an anti-aphid spray, the thought occurred
to me: what if the black helicopters come hovering over my house and a
bunch of guys in black jumpers rappel down and chase me around my backyard?

What if they try to wrestle me and my banana peels and tobacco tea to
the ground and take me into custody because they're not approved by
the same people who work in offices and approve of the use of rose
systemic spray, which certainly is a danger to things other than
aphids on rose bushes.

I wondered does the Constitution of the U.S. lie when it reads that no
one can lose his or her plain old right of quiet enjoyment and
undisturbed possession of their home because someone in some office
got a secret bill of attainder, which is a violation of law under our
1789 Constitution, to come on my property and arrest me and take my
house by forfeiture even though I've only used organic rose food and
an aphid spray, which is entirely natural?

Then I remembered that there is a Mr. Sarich here in Kirkland who did
in fact almost lose his rights of quiet enjoyment and of undisturbed
possession of his home while growing things (marijuana) on his property.

But then I thought either Mr. Sarich has the right to these things or
he doesn't and if these rights were protected by the courts and police
instead of being abused if he is not doing anyone any actual harm as
it says right in Article II of our U.S. Constitution then it might be
time for somebody to mail a copy of the U.S. Constitution to the other
Washington because maybe they could stand to see a copy of it when
they make up laws.

Miles F. Holden,

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