Pubdate: Sat, 10 Jul 2010
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer (MI)
Copyright: 2010 Brian Scott
Author: Brian Scott


Wal-Mart's decision to fire a terminally ill employee for taking
legal, oncologist recommended medication on his off hours is
deplorable ("Medical marijuana patient fired, now suing," June 30).
The company cites employee and customer safety, but Wal-Mart doesn't
fire employees for using a host of other potent, legal

They also claim there are no standards for employers in this regard
except for federal guidelines that still deem the medical use of
marijuana a crime. This position conveniently ignores Michigan's
medical marijuana law that specifically protects patients from just
this kind of discrimination.

Wal-Mart may be concerned about protecting their corporate image when
they perpetuate myths about marijuana consumption. What could tarnish
that image far more is firing a terminal cancer patient who just wants
to do his job.

Brian Scott

Los Angeles, Calif.
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