Pubdate: Sun, 27 Jun 2010
Source: Portsmouth Herald (NH)
Copyright: 2010 Seacoast Newspapers
Author: Nancy W. Grossman


June 29 - To the Editor:

Re: "'Reefer Madness' playing now in the Portsmouth budget," Mark 
Brighton and Ramona Charland's recent rant about the City Council, 
other city officials and the city budget, let me just say that as an 
author and editor, I appreciate the use of metaphor every bit as much 
as the next guy.

However, as a serious proponent of the legalization of medical 
marijuana in New Hampshire, the last thing I want to see is its 
trivialization in this fashion.

If you knew some of the people I know who desperately need it but 
cannot simply pull up roots and move to a state where it's legal 
today, I doubt you'd be penning such "witty," cheap - and basically 
ignorant - wisecracks.

A dispensary in Eliot won't serve anyone from New Hampshire, 
metaphorically or any other way.

Nancy W. Grossman

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