Pubdate: Fri, 11 Jun 2010
Source: Ponte Vedra Recorder (FL)
Contact:  2010 Al Sesona
Author: Al Sesona


Illegal drug trafficking will remain out-of-control until law
enforcement and word merchants recognize the folly of non-working ways
in practice for years without satisfactory results.

In far too many instances, courts, judges and attorneys use the legal
profession as a personal gold mine the average cash-strapped citizen
taxpayer is out of touch with.

There's simply no way a common business could isolate itself, charge
hefty fees and remain a viable business -- $200 an hour and more, when
the bulk of legal work is most often conducted by hard-working
paralegals, perhaps doubling as secretaries, paid a typical wage.

Eventually all counter-productive behavior self-destructs. However, it
would seem far better to rearrange the system, long before that event
occurs, wouldn't you say?

Porous borders? Where's the accountability? Categorical references
such as Democrat, Republican, progressive, whatever, merely cloud
clear comprehension of enforcing the law, which must be nothing more,
nothing less!

When a pompous person clothed in a black robe sitting high above all
others in the courtroom is allowed to sit for years, too well-paid,
comfy with justice denied, you can forget friendships, families or
communities evolving into a nation of praiseworthy people.

Is it any wonder our young, having scant hope for a decent future, are
drawn to use of illegal drugs as an escape mechanism?

St. Augustine, the nation's Oldest City, should be squeaky clean when
it comes to being an unblemished example of praiseworthy goodness and
righteousness, to all eyes watching.

What is there to show instead? County decision-makers to whom we
entrust leadership and social order being permissive, rather than
protective of a drinking village with a fishing problem and a
one-in-a-million place to live.

Pristine marshlands and depleting natural resources treated unwisely
and infringed upon more and more.

Parking meters, choked travel routes, traffic tickets galore, taxes
heading higher and higher, jobs and services disappearing. To look at
all this and not be fearful and alarmed of what lies ahead is crazy.

Abuses, beyond shame and criminal, will continue, dear folks, until
leadership conducts its day-to-day affairs in more wisely caring ways.
Things will continue to worsen until you decide to make it all change
for the better.

Be heard from like never before, if you truly want to improve
conditions for future generations to come. Please stop being silent
and complacent! Please... get involved.

Al Sesona

St. Augustine
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