Pubdate: Sun, 06 Jun 2010
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Bay Area News Group
Author: John O'Brien


Does the public realize that we are actually financing  the Taliban 
in Afghanistan? Where do we think they get  the money to buy weapons? 
It's from us.

Our country spends billions of dollars on illegal  heroin, and guess 
where most of the heroin comes from -  the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

Why do we not just destroy the poppy fields? Because  that would 
destroy the Afghan economy. How about  instead of fighting a war 
there, we just destroy the  poppies and give the Afghan farmers the 
money to grow  useful crops.

Or better yet, we could stop billions of dollars  leaving the country 
by legalizing recreational drugs.  That would kill the heroin trade, 
and it would bankrupt  the Mexican drug cartels.

I can hear the conservative right and especially the  religious 
right, gasping at the thought, but be  realistic. The young people 
who want to use drugs can  get them anywhere they want, with no 
problem. The young  people who don't use drugs now wouldn't just all 
of a  sudden decide, wow, now I can become an addict. Think  about it.

John O'Brien

Walnut Creek
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