Pubdate: Wed, 02 Jun 2010
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2010 Summit Daily News
Author: Todd Trenchard


I currently use medical marijuana in placement of traditional 
medicines. I have paid thousands of dollars over the years for 
prescriptions, many with negative side effects. I then I discovered 
that scientists at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston found that 
certain opioid analgesics - such as Percocet and Vicodin - can 
actually cause cancer. When cannabis became legal for Colorado 
residents with a history of medical issues, I decided to give it a 
try. I have found cannabis has thoroughly controlled my nausea and 
stifled my pain without loads of negative side effects. While 
receiving chemo, I rarely felt like eating. Thankfully, cannabis also 
helps stimulate the appetite. Most importantly, it has also possibly 
helped with the elimination of my tumors. My nurses and doctors are 
amazed at how well I am doing. I have been without prescription 
painkillers since using this.

Decades of propaganda used to distort the truth about marijuana have 
prevented its use for those it can help medicinally Thankfully, 
recent government actions have allowed cancer patients, such as 
myself, new hope. One entity, is operated locally 
and offers cancer patients medicinal marijuana at no cost. It is put 
into foods, teas, tinctures, smoothies, etc. so one does not have to 
smoke it unless you want to. I hear and read about so many 
anti-medical marijuana politicians questioning why a doctor would 
prescribe something that has to be smoked. Again, the fact is, you 
don't have to smoke it. I don't.

The stigma marijuana has for some people who are callous in 
prioritizing their beliefs and principles over the well-being of sick 
people, have potentially further reason to take a step back and 
reevaluate their over simplified stereotypes and acknowledge the 
benefits from this plant.

Todd Trenchard

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