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Author: Redford Givens, Webmaster, DRCNet Online Library of Drug 
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Re: "Marijuana not totally safe" by Michael Orlin, letters, May 12

Michael Orlin may be a "medical professional," but his opinions about 
marijuana and immunosuppression are seriously flawed and long out of 
date. It appears Orlin bases his immunosuppression theory on the work 
of disgraced cannabophobe Dr. Gabriel Nahas who tried to prove 
immunosuppression in vitro by using massive amounts of cannabis that 
were near lethal when applied to animals. No other researchers have 
ever been able to replicate Nahas's work, and Nahas was kicked out of 
Columbia University because of his fraudulent research on marijuana.

The immunosuppression myth is based on studies where animals were 
given extremely high - in many cases, near-lethal -doses of 
cannabinoids. These results have never been duplicated in human 
beings. Interestingly, two studies done in 1978 and one done in 1988 
showed that hashish and marijuana actually stimulated the immune 
system in the people studied. The recent discovery of a cannabinoid 
receptor inside rat spleens, where immune cells reside, raises the 
likelihood that cannabinoids exert a positive influence on the immune system.

As a member of the St. Joseph Hospital Pain Management team, no doubt 
Orlin comes into contact with some real immune damage caused by 
anti-cancer drugs such as Cisplatin, Chlorambucil, Carboplatin and 
nitrogen mustards that destroy the patient's ability to fight a host 
of common infections. Anti-cancer drugs are so highly toxic to the 
immune system that patients are warned to stay away from people with 
colds, flus and other common infections that might be fatal with the 
immune system shut down.

Not one case of marijuana-induced immune deficiency has ever been 
clinically or epidemiologically detected in humans.

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