Pubdate: Wed, 05 May 2010
Source: Stettler Independent (CN AB)
Copyright: 2010 Stettler Independent
Author: Richard Froese


To fight crime and illegal use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine 
and alcohol, local residents were urged to build positive 
relationships between residents and police as Stettler RCMP hosted an 
information forum April 28.

"It starts at home with communication," said Sergeant Lorne Adamitz 
of RCMP's drug and organized crime awareness division for Alberta.

"Drug use of any type (by children and youth) is child abuse."

"That's why we, as a community, need to get involved as neighbours 
families, schools, churches, and community organizations," said 
Sergeant Adamitz.

He urged parents to protect their children from the influences of 
drugs and crime and for people to connect to and care for people of 
all ages and take the time to know and care for people.

"It's not about money, it's time," said Sergeant Adamitz.

Parents were given several tools to detect or suspect their children 
are involved in drugs by changes in behaviour or lifestyle.

"When you see these changes in your child, speak to them and don't 
just dismiss the change," said Sergeant Adamitz.

Community building requires healthy relationships and people making 
healthy choices, he explained.

While people consume drugs mainly to relieve stress, he warned that 
pills and medication can be very harmful.

He further cautioned against energy drinks since they can be very intoxicating.

"The further you take yourself from reality (with drug use), the 
greater you put yourself at risk - it puts you in danger - the less 
able you are able to control yourself," said Sergeant Adamitz.

To help police detect drug activity, police rely heavily on tips and 
information from neighbours and citizens.

"Police are only as good as the people around them," said Sergeant Adamitz.

"The general public can be the eyes and ears - that's how we work together."

"It's not your responsibility to prove criminality - that's the job 
of the police."

"We need public's assistance to get all the information we need to 
get a search warrant," said Sergeant Adamitz.

He also urged people to be neighbourly by visiting new residents and 
to work in a group to detect any potential illegal activity.

More information on preventing and detecting drugs and crime is 
available at Stettler RCMP.
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