Pubdate: Mon, 10 May 2010
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Copyright: 2010 Journal Sentinel Inc.
Author: Gary Storck


Regarding the May 7 Journal Sentinel editorial urging Gov. Jim Doyle 
to call the Legislature back into session to "Finish the job," there 
is another issue, one that Doyle is on record as supporting, that 
also needs to be revisited this session - and that is medical marijuana.

In more than eight hours of gripping and emotional testimony at a 
hearing last December, more than 100 patients and family members 
testified how invaluable medical cannabis has been in treating a 
broad range of medical conditions, saving and extending lives and 
restoring quality of life and dignity to others.

Only five people testified against the bill, each representing a 
special interest that benefits from the current status quo that 
criminalizes cancer patients, veterans with PTSD and other 
conditions, the elderly, MS patients and others suffering 
debilitating medical conditions.

When the people speak, should not legislators listen? Further delay 
only continues to put our veterans, seniors, sick, disabled and dying 
squarely at risk not only of arrest and jail but also the dangers of 
using toxic conventional drugs with laundry lists of side effects and 
interactions that make them unsafe for even short-term use.

It's time for Doyle to make sure compassion is his legacy and for 
state lawmakers to find the courage to do the right thing.

Gary Storck Executive Director Wisconsin NORML Madison
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