Pubdate: Thu, 22 Apr 2010
Source: Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Record Searchlight
Author: Colette Spencer


I would like to address what happened to the mayor of Dunsmuir at the
last City Council meeting. You have the right to disagree with your
mayor. You have no right to call him names or say the other horrible
things that you said to him. You, the public, seemed to want to
physically attack him. The mayor took it all gracefully in stride.

Later in the meeting, one man addressed the police officer who had
spoken earlier and became a bit agitated. Almost everyone, led by the
mayor, gently reminded the man to relax, and he did. And after all the
craziness was over, the mayor led the rest of the meeting beautifully
for hours, covering the rest of the agenda.

I have only spoken to the mayor on several occasions, but I have heard
him speak a lot. The mayor loves this town, has a business here -- and
is very involved in Dunsmuir's community organizations. He would never
want to harm the town in any way. His only "motive" is to get quality,
organic medicine that has been watered with the best water on Earth.
He is willing to offer his land, pay for the greenhouse, fencing and
security, etc., until the Green-Collar Compassionate Collective can
repay him. He also mentioned that he would consider donating any
profit to other garden organizations of Dunsmuir.

This could be ground-breaking medically. Most people at the meeting
seemed to think medical patients should have access to use this drug
that God gave us. Let us make it as pure as it can be and force others
to do the same. It would show that Dunsmuir cares about its medical
community more than anyone else.

Colette Spencer, Macdoel
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