Pubdate: Fri, 16 Apr 2010
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Langley Times
Author: Tony Smith


Editor: In the Lower Mainland, fire departments have become participants in
a campaign against medical marijuana grow-ops, claiming there are 2,800
medical licences in Canada to grow medical marijuana and many are abusing
their licences. This is despite successful efforts by the courts to restrict
the searches by police, fire departments and electrical inspectors.

During those searches, houses have had all power cut off on dubious
grounds. There was even an incident in Langley where a fireman was
accused of theft during a fire department raid.

Put simply, how many of us would like it if all our medical records
were made public knowledge? Then police could perhaps charge those
abusing their prescriptions.

There are four million marijuana users in Canada. Even if half of the
medical licensed grow-ops were selling illegally to five other people,
that only accounts for 7,000 users. Who is supplying the other 3.93

Why concentrate on the tiny proportion of medical growers, most of
whom suffer from major health problems which only medical marijuana
appears to fix. Health Canada recognizes medical marijuana as an
effective substance. If it was not available, there would be
significant added medical costs and less effective treatment.
Marijuana was a part of 50 per cent of all medications until the 1930s.

If fire departments are seriously interested in safety, why are
electrical inspections not available to all grow-ops on a nod-nod,
wink-wink basis. If they are seriously concerned about safety, why are
they not sending firemen out to visit the elderly, to ensure their
cooking practices are safe and they have fire extinguishers around?

It's not as exciting as raiding medical grows, but certainly more

Tony Smith,


Editor's note - The firefighter referred to was given an absolute
discharge, after pleading guilty to theft in court last September. 
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