Pubdate: Sun, 04 Apr 2010
Source: Herald, The (Glasgow, UK)
Copyright: 2010 Herald & Times Group
Author: Martin Foulner


Thank you Suzanne Dyer for taking the courageous step of calling for
legalisation of drugs despite the painful and tragic death of her son
(Decriminalise these drugs, Letters, March 28). Prohibition has no
moral, pragmatic or financial justification.

The tide is slowly turning on this subject worldwide but the febrile
rantings of the popular tabloids will continue to bind the hands (and
tongues) of our politicians. When a majority of people rationally look
at this subject and conclude that decriminalisation and education are
the only possible first steps towards solving this problem then our
elected officials will have, the support to end this destructive and
deadly policy.

Martin Foulner

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