Pubdate: Sun, 04 Apr 2010
Source: Northwest Herald (IL)
Copyright: 2010 Northwest Herald Newspapers
Author: Robert Day


I grew up on the Northwest Side of Chicago and love living in northern
Illinois, as I am close to my and my wife's family. I was a
Chicago-area union painter, until one morning in March 2007, while on
my way to work, a person T-boned me in the driver's door.

The other motorist was ticketed. I've had three surgeries on my neck
and spine since then; 14 screws, a steel plate, two steel rods, and an
artificial disc.

My surgeon told me that two more surgeries are needed. I am currently
on many various medications for pain, including OxyContin, Dilaudid,
morphine and Lyrica, just to name a few. Some days the pain is so
great, I still have difficulty walking.

There has been so much success I have read about in the compassionate
states, which allow for the use of medical marijuana, to help people
in pain. It is illegal in the state of Illinois to use medical
marijuana, so I don't.

If Senate Bill 1381 passes, it may give me a new lease on life. I need
to get off of as many of these other medications as I can, if not all
of them, if cannabis works for me. Illinois should join the other 14
compassionate states that give patients the option to use medical cannabis.

I love Illinois, can Illinois show compassion and love people like me
back? Please.

Robert Day

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