Pubdate: Sun, 28 Mar 2010
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Page: A29
Copyright: 2010 Los Angeles Times
Author: Floyd Krautner


John Lovell, who lobbies for drug warriors, objects to legalizing
marijuana because it would "add yet another mind-altering substance to
the legal array."

In case Lovell has missed it, marijuana is already here. Prisons and
narcs have failed to curb marijuana use.

If Lovell says anything about "protecting children" as a reason for
keeping marijuana illegal, I remind him that current prohibition
efforts have failed to such an extent that any high school kid can
easily get all the marijuana he or she can pay for.

Lovell's only purpose is to preserve jobs for overpaid prison guards
and useless narcotics officers. Current marijuana law enforcement
costs Californians hundreds of millions every year. Considering the
dismal financial status of our state, Lovell's phony reefer madness
policies are no longer affordable.

Lovell cannot provide a truthful reason for continuing to outlaw
marijuana for adult use.

Floyd Krautner

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