Pubdate: Thu, 25 Mar 2010
Source: Abbotsford News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Abbotsford News
Author: David Malmo-Levine


Re: Reaping what you sow has consequences

The author has mistaken use and abuse. As Casanova put it: "In wise
hands, poison is medicine. In foolish hands, medicine is poison."

I'm guessing the author of the opinion column feels everyone in the
world except doctors are too foolish to use these herbal medicines
properly. Marc Emery's big crime, I suppose, was believing in a
gardener's ability to use cannabis wisely.

Given the fact cannabis is a herb that has never caused one overdose
death or any withdrawal symptom or any form of cancer in 5,000 years
of use, and given the fact a majority of Canadians agree with him, it
can safely be said most of the people of this country are ready to be
treated as adults who deserve dignity and autonomy.

The war on drugs continues to take a heavy toll in wasted dollars and
in wasted lives - thank goodness there are people like Marc Emery who
risk jail time to bring the whole drug war nightmare to a halt.

David Malmo-Levine 
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