Pubdate: Thu, 25 Mar 2010
Source: Toccoa Record, The (GA)
Copyright: 2010 The Toccoa Record
Author: Bobby Clardy


Pastor Ayers' wife has filed a $5 million-plus civil suit in what I 
perceive to be the murder of her husband by a drug agent.

This, in my opinion could be the first step in exposing the ring of 
corruption that exists in Toccoa.

At last, enough money is involved to entice competent outside legal 
experts to involve themselves in what has always been Toccoa's "good 
old boys" business.

Let's examine facts. Already Atlanta attorneys have uncovered 
possible criminal activity in the past of the drug agents involved.

This follows DA Rickman's contortions to pat himself on the back for 
his extensive investigation of the Ayers case, which he presented to 
a "grand jury."

Common sense would dictate that he is so incompetent that he did not 
check the history of his agents or he is so corrupt that he chose not 
to reveal it.

If these charges are founded, which I believe them to be, whoever 
recommended and hired these thugs should either resign or be removed.

In any other part of the country that would be only the first step.

Pastor Ayers' wife will win her suit but the law-abiding citizens of 
Toccoa stand to win so much more.

Think about it. Thanks for listening.

Bobby Clardy

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