Pubdate: Wed, 24 Mar 2010
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Surrey Leader
Author: Michelle Rainey


Re: "How many legal pot grow-ops are in Surrey?"

According to Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis, "They're not regulated, 
they're not permitted, there's no safety inspections - there's no 
difference (in the structure) between a legal and illegal grow. 
That's the bottom line."

As a legal producer and user of medicinal cannabis, I am completely 
outraged by the statements made by Mr. Garis. There is a difference 
between a legal and illegal cannabis production. We, who are legal, 
are fighting to save our lives with this precious medicine.

The majority of legal producers take great care when setting up their 
gardens, knowing the risks and consequences and making sure all 
precautions are taken.

Considering there is a high percentage of homes without grow-ops that 
have dilapidated structures, inferior electrical wiring and poor 
plumbing that could self-combust at any moment, why do officials feel 
it necessary to "hunt" us as easy prey?

We are already suffering enough with various illnesses and diseases 
that pharmaceuticals could not alleviate. No one has died or 
overdosed on marijuana.

Mr. Garis would like the names and addresses of all 5,000 licensed 
Health Canada users, that way we all can be victimized when the list 
falls into the wrong hands. Mr. Garis has given us another reason to 
legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Canada with his 
uncompassionate opinion.

Michelle Rainey

Cannabis patients advocate and cancer and Crohn's disease patient

Maple Ridge
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