Pubdate: Wed, 24 Mar 2010
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Terrace Standard


SKEENA JUNIOR students listened attentively to Joe Roberts, the
Skidrow CEO, at his talk about drug use and abuse and its consequences
earlier this afternoon.

A gasp could be heard from many students when he said he started
taking drugs at age nine by using inhalants, then progressed to
smoking marijuana, to injecting heroin and cocaine and ending up in
jail at age 17.

Roberts, who spent 15 years living on the Vancouver streets as an
intravenous heroin and cocaine addict before getting his life back
together, wore a Team Canada jersey and jeans and told the students
right away he did not work for the police.

He talked about the lies that often lure young people into taking
drugs and alcohol and then talked about the truth about drugs and alochol.

He gave an example of what would happen if you ate fast food every day
and students replied "gain weight."

"You can't do something every day for a long time and not [suffer]
consequences," he told them, referring to how when he was using drugs,
he believed that he wasn't as bad as an addict.

All it takes is one hit of drugs to get addicted and marijuana and
alcohol will derail your life and all your dreams, he said.

"You don't often get a second chance."

People make crazy, bad choices when they drink, Roberts said and gave
the example of how he jumped out of a truck that was travelling faster
than 110 km/h because he wanted to go to the 7-11 convenience store
once when he was drunk.

He added that he hadn't had a drink in many, many years and has gone
to 7-11 lots but hasn't jumped out of a truck to get there once.

Joe Roberts, Skidrow CEO, gives a public presentation tonight and
talks to Caledonia Senior students tomorrow. 
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