Pubdate: Wed, 3 Mar 2010
Source: Star-News (Wilmington, NC)
Copyright: 2010 Wilmington Morning Star
Author: Franklin Oldham


As I search through articles on medicinal marijuana through the Star
News, it has become abundantly clear that drug possession, and sales
are making our headlines more than they should be.

Multiple arrests for cocaine, mushrooms, and marijuana in the past 15
or so days show that this is an issue affecting us all, both in tax
dollars, and in misinformation about what really happens in
Wilmington. How many of the readers of the StarNews know that there
are two methadone clinics here in Wilmington? ...Prescription medication
abuse is through the roof. Families torn apart by abuse of opiates
such as oxycotin ... It really vexes me that marijuana is classified in
the same category as the harmful pharmaceutical substances, and even
upsets me more so that it is not legal for medicinal use in North
Carolina. From AIDS to pain relief, marijuana has been legalized in 14
other states in our nation. There is a bill (HB 1380) that the General
Assembly should be voting on this summer. I am a firm supporter of
this bill. I urge citizens to educate themselves on this bill and let
(their state representatives) know they support it. The question
should no longer be why legalize medicinal marijuana, but why not
legalize it?

Franklin Oldham, Wilmington
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