Pubdate: Fri, 19 Feb 2010
Source: Coast Reporter (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Coast Reporter
Author: John Weston



Bill Forst appears to endorse my private member's bill,  for which I'm 
grateful, but regrettably, he  misconstrues the effect of proroguing 
("Prorogue: not a  simple recess," Coast Reporter letters, Jan. 22).

As Mr. Forst says, Bill C-475 tackles crystal meth and  ecstasy drugs
and has attracted nationwide support from  a vast array of people,
including police and drug  treatment experts, the West Vancouver
Police  Department, national and provincial law enforcement  officers,
teachers and educators from across the  riding, and numerous municipal
councillors, mayors and  regional district leaders.

I am honoured to announce that the B.C. Asso-ciation of  Chiefs
recently passed a motion in support of this  bill. The other federal
parties appeared to also  support the bill, by their initial comments,
when I  introduced the bill in the House last November.

Furthermore, contrary to what Mr. Forst wrote, private  member bills
are not dead. They will continue unchanged  into the next session of
the House.

Through the Olympic and Paralympic Games, my team and I  are working hard 
with constituents to leverage the five  benefits readers have emphasized -- 
one benefit for  each of the Olympic Rings: business, investment,  tourism, 
foreign students studying in Canada, and  personal health and fitness.

The Jan. 12 town hall at Park Royal in West Van-couver,  which
attracted numerous people from the Sunshine  Coast, is one example of
our work. The forum allowed  panelists to "Catch the Spirit" with us.

John Weston, MP, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country 
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