Pubdate: Wed, 17 Feb 2010
Source: Paradise Post (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Paradise Post
Author: Dick Little
Note: Dick Little is a Paradise resident who also contributes to a local 
NPR station.


It's amazing how so-called "potheads" continue to push for
legalization of Marijuana. Their argument concludes that it's, " no
more dangerous than alcohol." Well, that's at best, "speculative," and
at worst it's dead wrong.

The potheads won a modest victory with the speculative Medical
Marijuana law, which allows "Prescription Marijuana" to be sold the
public. Most doctors agree that constant use of Marijuana dulls the
brain. The potheads get angry when they hear those words because they
enjoy getting "over the counter" Marijuana they can legally posses.
Those who cannot get a doctor to prescribe Marijuana continue to take
the drug illegally, and can be arrested if they caught with the drug
in their possession. Frankly, had we known about the dangers of
cigarettes, that "drug" would never have been legal either! Those who
smoke cigarettes will not live as long as nonsmokers because the drug
enhances the development of lung cancer, as well as other health
problems. Any drug on the market that is known to cause cancer and
other lung diseases would not be allowed if we knew of the dangers of
cigarettes early on. However, cigarettes were not known to be
dangerous when they were introduced more than 100 years ago. Once the
public was hooked, the Government is not going to restrict their sales.

Even worse, those who live with or hang around people who smoke are
also more susceptible to lung cancer Cigars are in the same category.
They have been linked throat and mouth cancer. But, like cigarettes,
they are still legal for anyone over 18 to purchase. Most people who
drink alcohol sometimes get upset when alcoholics warn of the dangers
associated with alcohol consumption. Taxpayers put out millions for
alcohol treatment, usually after they have hurt someone with their car
or by simply losing their temper while under the influence.

Voters were "snookered" by Prop. 215 when we passed it in the mid 90s
allowing so-called "prescription marijuana" to be legally sold.
Unfortunately, some "doctors" have been snookered about the dangers of
inhaling the smoke from the drug so they give out prescriptions to
purchase "medical marijuana."

What is happening in Chico over Marijuana should be the source of a
new comedy program on late night television. They allow "cooperatives"
to sell pot for "medical purposes."

The City Council wants to allow pot to be dispersed from
"dispensaries." Enter District Attorney, Mike Ramsey, who tells them
if they set up dispensaries, they may will in violation of the law.
The DA is right on this one. It's against federal law to possess it,
which places the city in the difficult position of writing a law that
violates a federal law, which could bring about raids and arrests of
city officials if they follow through with their "dispensaries" law.
Marijuana need not, and should not become legal in this state. Why?

Because even if we say it's "legal," it's not! It's still a violation
of federal law, and that's why the council's action is as worthless as
the paper it's written on. It's not surprising the council is pursuing
legalizing pot.

They gained their offices because of a strong voter turn out of CSU
students. They not only voted on campus, but also voted in a lot of
neighborhoods as well. Marijuana is a problem on all state university
and college campuses. What's worse, much of the leadership on
University campuses think the product is "harmless," and should be
made legal. Those supporting a proposed initiative on the substance
think they have a right to smoke what they want, and use cigarettes as
an example of that right.

This is an issue that must be settled at the national level, not in
California college towns where liberal professors and students have a
heavy impact on public voting. If you talk to the cops about
legalizing pot, they'll tell you this will create more problems than
it solves. Somebody driving a car while under the influence of
Marijuana could have an accident but the substance, even with a blood
test would be difficult to detect.

In effect, it would make our highways even less safe than they are
now. Any substance that alters the mind is dangerous to society as a

Yes, we have alcohol now because the attempt at outlawing the
substance failed in the 20s.

Marijuana is a mind altering substance that can over time cause some
brain damage. Anyone under its influence poses a danger to society
particularly if they get on a bike, or drive a car. Alcohol is bad
enough. Let's not make a bad situation worse. Marijuana when inhaled
over time has been linked to brain damage, as well as damage to the
lungs. It's a substance that poses a threat to everyone including its
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