Pubdate: Wed, 17 Feb 2010
Source: News Tribune, The (Tacoma, WA)
Copyright: 2010 Tacoma News Inc.
Author: Mac Allen


Re: "Reining in medical marijuana" (TNT, 2-14).

I might be the only guy in America who has never tried marijuana. But
it's time for this childish, puritanical wrangle over medical
marijuana to stop.

Why this substance should be singled out for demonization among the
entire spectrum of pharmaceuticals is beyond ridiculous. There is no
rational argument for a licensed physician being prevented from
alleviating a patient's pain and suffering.

Someone very close to me had a horrible bout with cancer this past
year. She was wracked with aches, pains and nausea from the surgery
and chemotherapy. "Legal" medications did little to help, in some
cases making it worse.

A friend procured a small amount of marijuana for her to try. The
effects were virtually immediate. Just a puff or two rid her of the
nausea, allowing her to rest comfortably. She only used it two or
three times, but it provided desperately needed relief.

By what twisted logic, by what archaic, narrow-minded attitude, do we
deprive sick and suffering people of relief available from a plant?

One need only listen to the litany of possible side-effects following
almost every drug commercial on television to know the pharmacological
use of marijuana is far less toxic than many legally prescribed substances.

This country doesn't the need or have time for this nonsense. We have
important problems to address.

Mac Allen, Tacoma
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