Pubdate: Tue, 16 Feb 2010
Source: Daily Chronicle (DeKalb, IL)
Copyright: 2010 Daily Chronicle
Author: Dan Linn


Here is a novel idea for health care reform in the state of Illinois. 
How about passing the medical cannabis legislation, Senate Bill 1381.

Medical cannabis isn't for everyone, but for some who can't eat 
because of chemotherapy treatment or those suffering from wasting 
syndrome, it is the only way that they can keep down enough food to 
survive. Other conditions that would qualify include MS, ALS, 
epilepsy, spinal cord injuries, glaucoma, and those with chronic 
pain. However, the bill would not be like California, where a doctor 
can recommend it for any condition. In Illinois, in order to qualify 
one must have one of the specifically listed conditions, plus have 
your doctor's recommendation.

Some legislators have feared that this will allow for "factories" to 
open up growing cannabis for sick people. In Dekalb County, is that 
really such a bad idea, given the state of the economy and the fact 
these facilities would have to be state licensed nonprofit 
businesses. When did the Republicans become anti-business? Plus, 
conservative lawmakers should turn to their minimal government roots 
and respect doctors and patients choosing what medicine is best.

Patients are not criminals, and Illinois needs to pass Senate Bill 1381.

Dan Linn

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