Pubdate: Wed, 29 Dec 2010
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2010 Russell Barth
Author: Russell Barth


Re: Cannabis Clarity, letter to the editor, Dec. 24.

The "link" between marijuana use and psychosis is nothing more than
that -- a link. The studies that show this link point out that it is
equally as likely that the use of cannabis may have been caused by the
symptoms, not vice versa. There is no evidence to support the notion
that cannabis "causes" anything. Furthermore, pot use in Canada has
quadrupled in the past 30 years, and the potency of pot has increased
significantly. Yet the rate of schizophrenia has remained the same, at
about 1.1% of the population. Where is the influx of new pot-induced
mental patients clogging up our hospitals? Nonexistent. The best
reason to legalize pot is to continue researching its vast
cancer-fighting potential.

Russell Barth, federally licensed medical marijuana user, Nepean, Ont. 
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